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Symptoms- Parasitic Injuries

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Wounds from parasitic energy could come from so many places... Family, friends, school teachers, parents, siblings, spouses, ones own children, supervisors, workplaces, a cultural belief, spiritual and religious beliefs or it's leaders.

What does it feel like?

- You feel destabalized... like your life is kind of shifty, unfamiliar, and nerve-wracking

- Self-doubt... You don't feel comfortable making decisions, are unable to make decisions, do not know what you want, and do not know how you feel.

-The inner voice is gone

- You hear the parasitic abusive humans critical voice in your head

- You notice you have at some point, abandoned everything you used to love... friends, family, people, places and hobbies.

-Nothing excites you and you're not sure what you're really passionate about anymore.

-You find yourself acting very out of character... Where you stop and feel shocked and baffled at yourself and think "I would never do that." Well, who does do that?

-You are a shell of your former self and do not recognize yourself anymore

-You apologize at the drop of a hat for no good reason

-People have to reassure you to relax because you walk on eggshells for no reason

-The inner dialog is extremely self-depricating

-You think the good days and benefits are worth the bad days

-You don't know what is real anymore sometimes

-Nothing is ever good enough

-It's your fault cause you mess everything up

More generalized symptoms:

-Anxiety in general

-Lethargy... a type of tiredness that has nothing to do with sleep

-Brain fog

-Thoughts disappearing mid-thought

-Sex drive dead as a doornail



-Severe indecision

If you are suffering a lot of these please seek out a qualified mental health counselor and get support. You may reach out to me or another spiritually oriented person but should include a mental health pro in the support team.

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