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Vehicle Protection Guard

Vehicle Protection Guard

   This vehicle wanga is a guard or gad for Ogou, and it brings his protection from accidents, car jackers, police and problems with the vehicle for traveling. A few items can be used as a container, such a bag to hang from the rear view mirror or a box to place underneath the seat, but the most popular and practical containment of this wanga is an envelope kept in the glove box. This will be a unique envelope to prevent accidental tossings into the trash bin. This will need to be periodically fed with a little liquor to keep active.


Disclaimer - Please do not test the spirit by speeding over 100 mph through the city like an asshat. This guards purpose is to work with you to give you extra luck, extra armor, extra ability to deflect misfortunes. This guards purpose is NOT to rip the fabric of reality to allow you passage through at 150 mph. Spirits work best when met half way. Do your active part and keep one foot firmly planted in reality while operating your vehicle. Also, the liquor is for the spirit not for you. Do not drink and drive.

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