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Lwa Mamam Brigitte Pwen Packet Bottle

Lwa Mamam Brigitte Pwen Packet Bottle

This pwen is handmade by Houngan Rocky Geis and myself, then seated with the Lwa Maman Brigitte, currently out of stock. Please reach out to my godfather through to inquire about this pwen. This may be kept on ones altar to create a stronger connection to this spirit. Pwen means point, as in a point of contact. Maman Brigitte is a magnificient Lwa. Each individual will benefit uniquely from strengthening their connection to this Lwa, depending on ones unique relationship created. Maman Brigitte is known for working through cemetery and the guedes. The cemetery is a place of business and transaction. This is a unique environment to work within, and as versatile as ones abilities make it. She is syncretized with Saint Helen. It is recommended to have a consultation prior to ensure compatibility if the buyer does not already know their spiritual court, or have a prior recomendation for this spirit.

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