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The Lion the Bitch and the Audacity of this Witch

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We are all a little witchy sometimes. When a spiritual authority figure talks as if exempt from witchiness, placing theirself on a pedestal, well they are exempt inside their fantasy... having lost their grip on reality in favor of a god-complex.

A witch traditionally "eats from people" or "eats people."

"Pa manje nan men moun." Do not eat from people.

A witch is the classic devouring mother, a cannibal of everyone and everything including loved ones and their children, often covert; a grammy award winning actor. A taker not a giver... Only gives for image, business exchange, or when it benefits in some self-serving way. The world exists to make a witch fat. There are healthy levels of selfishness promoting self-love and self-preservation. Witchiness similarly is on a scale of healthy and unhealthy. It is a lengthy list of traits and patterns. The more a person aquires or acts on these behaviors and traits, the more people around should pay attention; make sure people are not the meal.

This is my opinion: narcissism, selfishness, auto-theism, predatory, parasitic and "witch" behavior are all under the same umbrella. This blog will focus on the red flags of unhealthy witchiness, behavioral tools of oppression, manipulation, and indicators of failing mental health as it applies to the spiritual worker and devotees world. Always use your own judgement. This topic is subjective and not absolute.

The word "witch" is being used differently than the normal U.S. definition. The usage of the word has nothing to do with the U.S. or Mexican understanding of "witch," and has nothing to do with Wicca. This is a Haitian Vodou blog not a Wicca blog, and the word "witch" will be used here in the same way it is often used in Africa and still is along with many other countries outside North America and Mexico. A person who uses magic in healthy, balanced ways is often labeled differently altogether. A separate blog about the general etymology of the word "witch" with citations from academic resources around the world is in the works. I know large communities exist out there who are so blinded by Eurocentricity that they don't believe witch was ever or could ever be synonymous with narcissist, although brilliant research psycholohists who specialize in narcissism are finding this out exactly. One psychologists has even stated that African proverbs are far more advanced in understanding these behaviors than the field of psychology.

"Blowing out someone else's candle won't make yours shine brighter."

-paraphrased from Steven Aitchison

Code of Silence - Transparency from client to client and house member to house member indicates health and confidence. Privacy needs balance. Excess equals secrets, lies, manipulation and bullshit. When house members or clients are excessively forbidden from talking to others, especially each other in the same House (!!), because "secrets", there is a self-serving manipulative reason. The easiest way to control others is to lie... Tell everyone different stories (narcissistic triangulation) and forbid everyone from talking to each other, for some great reason of course. This manifests typically inside a common pitfall in the bad juju environments: paranoia and fear creation, or ya know... plain ol' dislike and resentment peddling. "Don't talk to him or her. They'll steal your spirits! Clam slam your pakets! Pee pee on your pwens and put witchcraft on you...!" Or, "Don't talk to them. You know they said {{insert negative bullshit}} about you." The person maybe... likely didn't.

Likewise, pressure to reveal ALL secrets ALL the time shows complete disregard for boundaries and personal space. "Why didn't you tell me?!" is normal, but anger and retribution? That's a red flag. The response should be, "I'm happy you're sharing with me." And if anything else maybe, "Will you be comfortable telling me sooner in the future now?" The goal even when upset is to foster an environment where godchildren and clients feel safe, even feel safe asking for help admitting they've really shit the bed. If you feel that feeling of walking on eggshells creep up on you over whether to talk to someone or not, stop, write it out in a personal journal, and PAY ATTENTION to the patterns and behaviors around secrecy.

"When you tear out a man's tongue you are not proving him a liar (or a witch). You're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

-Tyrion Lannister

Abuse of Reciprocisity - also known as "hidden agendas in gift giving." Communicated and agreed upon reciprocation is fine. The key to the poison here is the hidden agenda. If a spirit worker or anyone takes it upon theirselves to do work for you seemingly as a gift, just does it without communication, then acts entitled to payment after... That means it is time for them to kick rocks. Compensate them thank them... or not depending on how you feel, then walk away. If a worker wants to do probono work that's fine. A secret debt is not okay.

Beware the naked man who offers you clothes (african proverb)- If they don't have it then how are they going to manifest it for you if not able to manifest it for theirself? This goes for love, money, spiritual connections, stability, protection, health etc. I will not read or do work for others on any area I'm struggling with myself. I will refer to someone else I trust for that area of life. We are all growing and evolving all the time. No human has all their shit together all the time. If we did we would not be human. Watch out for people who say they can do everything and anything anytime, their life is perfect, while they find problems to fix with others. No ones life is perfect; some people are just better liars and impression managers, especially on social media.

Ad Hominem- Not all ad hominem fallacies are committed by manipulative predators but predatory people do all LOVE an ad hominem. I have seen it manifest almost like an addiction or hunger to tear others down, and this is an easy and unfortunately often socially undetected way. Fallacies are a great tool for creating confusion in people with no knowledge of informal logic. Ad hominem means "against the man." This is committed when one person begins attacking the other persons character (or for fucks sake - appearance if they're real damned immature) instead of the topic, idea, or argument actually at hand. Now it's a "gotta defend my character" thing or whoever's character. This derails the interaction in favor of the dumbass who cannot stay on topic. A person's character (or appearance) has nothing to do with a subject, a thought, or quality of an argument. This is also called "character assassination" or the "personal attack fallacy."

"His juju method is inept because he is gay... he made this or that mistake five years ago... he is a sexist asshole therefore wrong... is friends with x, y, z poopoo person oooeeeooo."

If you wanna prove the poopoo in some juju then stay on topic with evidence and premises about -the juju-, NOT the jujuman. What is wrong in the operational elements of his work? If someone is incapable of sticking right there on topic then that someone has no dick to swing in the discussion of the man's juju. This is the micropenis of fallacies; the compensating for lack fallacy, and also arguably the most common fallacy. Now, go to youtube and study fallacies of informal logic, please. It clarifies mental and emotional waters and keeps you healthy in the head.

The way this fallacy commonly manifests for godchildren or clients of predatory people is... Whenever you address -something- that bothers you, -you- become the problem. Take it up a notch in stankin' sneaky and ... ha... Your sPiRiTs are the problem... Now why would you have bad spirits unless you're a wItCH eh? Recognize the ad hominem. The topic is diverted from the subject, the -something- be it an idea or practice or whatever, to

-you- (or Spirits or some cloaking element). Is it sometimes a Spiritual problem? Sure. Is it every single damned time? No. Is it when it's convenient for the person to avoid work, discussion, explanation, or responsibility? You have to watch for the pattern to see. This pattern is not an accident it is on purpose. It means it is time to close that door and leave.

Artificial Intelligence- An age-old sign of a posteriori knowledge and real understanding with any sort of subject or work is ability to speak on advanced concepts in simple language. Your House and spiritual parents or worker should be enlightening you and each other this way, not speaking in riddles, latin, or pseudo word salads. If you ask for help with something as simple as ways to shuffle a deck, he or she should oblige and not make you feel stupid or show you an overhead slinky spinning shuffle then say you're unworthy if you don't immediately do it standing on your head.

A "witch" looks for simple methods that work, then purposely complicates it or "hides the ball" by keeping a simple part as their secret. Simple magic is transformed into advanced magic that you -must- go to this artificially intelligent juju(wo)man for. If one cannot speak in simple language one either doesn't understand it well, is regurgitating, or is playing the fuck-fuck games.

Paranoia and Trouble- It's common for Houses, Spiritual Workers, regular practitioners and devotees to fall into paranoid magical thinking. Moreso when the paranoia is suitable for blame shifting and an excuse to keep people quiet, but I've already went off about that. These symptoms in anyone are cause for help and healing to be showered on their head. The same goes for Workers, Leaders, and Houses... The difference is the life involvement with the latter because this vice in a House or Leader you're placing your trust in can ruin your life in turn. Proceed with caution and consider the person possibly compromised if these behaviors are noted in excess... Emphasis on


-Doubt the commitment, loyalty or trustworthiness of others, believing others are exploiting or deceiving them. Especially without evidence. Especially if the paranoia comes from divinations or mediums with no physical reality cross verification. Vodou is a direct experience tangible religion, not a blind faith based religion with infallible assholes acting as God on Earth. The witchcraft did this. Do everything I say or you'll suffer more. No. There should be unbiased physical reality cross verifications for fears and dangers. Every naturally occurring shit moment that normally happens in life will otherwise become evidence supporting the ppd witches threat.

This is also known as "confirmation bias." You have a spiritual worker throwing black magi at an enemy, and (s)he starts grasping at any misfortune as confirmation to validate their delusional need for power and winning, even when it doesn't add up or make sense, is quite a sight. Twenty years from now the enemies cat dies... and they take to the podium, "It was me! My magic worked!"

-Reluctant to confide in others or reveal personal information because they’re afraid the information will be used against them or stolen. Peoples art and work does get stolen on the internet a lot. It's a roll with the punches thing, not a try to predict every punch every moment of the day because everyone is throwing witchcraft and stealing... thing.

-Unforgiving and holds grudges. When one sees the natural imperfections in theirself one tends to be more accepting of others imperfections. Accepting, not always tolerant or forgiving... accepting. Holding others to unreasonable standards means that individual better be higher theirself, otherwise this is a megalomania red flag. Thou art perfect and everyone else a sinner, megalomania. "Witches" often hold others to standards they are unable to achieve theirself.

-Hypersensitive and takes criticism poorly. Again, perfection complex, dishes out but can't take it double standard, and god-complex red flag. Anyone who wants to always grow and be better values criticism and is able to emotionally detach to evaluate criticism.

-Reads hidden meanings in the innocent remarks or casual looks of others. This is very common in magical systems and paranoid magical thinking. Big red flag, and a sign of losing touch with reality. In magic one foot should always stay firmly planted on the ground. Everything is not a sign from the universe. Sometimes poop is just... poop.

-Perceives attacks on their character that aren’t apparent to others. Red flag of severe buried insecurity. This easily leads to volatile emotional behavior and a godparent or teacher who doesn't even always bark, but may bite before they look OR bark.

-Has persistent suspicions, without justified reason, that their spouses or romantic partners are unfaithful. These are usually the ones who repeatedly cheat theirself, because a "witch" projects their own vices on others. They are god after all, and everyone is an extension of them... pawns in their world... so naturally everyone else must be doing the same ugly things to them that they do to everyone else. They're God though, so they shift blame even proactively.

-Cold and distant in their relationships with others and might become controlling and jealous to avoid being betrayed.

-Not see their role in problems or conflicts, believing they’re always right or actually the victim.

-Has difficulty relaxing.

-Hostile, stubborn and argumentative.

-Short-lived angry outbursts at you or others, which seem to come from nowhere, excessive in relation to incident, causing usually shock then confusion then uneasiness in you. Massive red flag so pay attention.

Problem Creator or Problem Solver - Does the House or leader create or solve problems? When interacting with others are they always arguing, seeking out points of contention, creating problems, looking for any little error, or trying to silence others voices? A reason to be angry or find something wrong? Or does he or she behave diplomatically? Acting diplomatically is not being a doormat. Are they drama riddled? All the time? All the time for a long time is a red flag. Everyone struggles sometimes. Overall a worker, leader or House should be proficient at problem solving, crisis preventing, and peace creating if that is what you wish for that person or House to manifest in your life. Calm is a super power a spiritual father or mother should have. Unless of course you desire to be part of a mercenary team or vodou mafia house. If fighting and drama are your thing, go where you thrive. No judgement!

Problems as a Tool- This is an age old scheme to generate repeat business. You go to a mechanic and he fixes one problem and then unscrews a few bolts while he's in there. Next month or so you're back with a new problem the douche canoe knows exactly how to fix, of course cause he's so damn smart, and I'd bet brags on hisself about how he's the best the entire time... The "witch" does similar, fixes one problem while ensuring you continually have more. Again, working with spirits and working with a Ougan or Mambo should be continually improving your life, not opening new pandoras boxes of spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, romantic jump scares and carnival fun houses.

Threats and Curses- A spiritual worker should always allow clients to come and go as they please. If you ever wish to simply not work with someone anymore and they threaten to undo everything you paid for and curse you, tell them to kick rocks and book a consultation elsewhere. Never tolerate bullying bullshit like this. Be smart. Don't make it easy for bad luck to manifest cause you're being a goofball and stepping on your own shoe laces. Do not give threats like this power by allowing fixation or worry or obsession. Cut ties and say prayers to God and move on. If they can really do something and you have symptoms, ask for help.

Taste Testing- Whether a client or someone looking to join a House, always work with an individual or House on a small scale first and make sure they're able to manifest results before you commit to large cases or join the House. No excuses. Results only. If their work does not manifest for you this does not mean they are incompetent. Professional doctors do not cure every patient or nail every diagnosis... It likely simply means that worker is not right for -you-. Find the House or person that meshes best with you. We are not all one-size-fits-all for each other.

Remorse Deficiency- A sociopath will -at some point- show some sense of remorse for when they've hurt others. A psychopath will never show remorse. Although many traits between the two intersect, it is the sense of remorse that ultimately differentiates the two, which also manifests in "witches." Witches tend to have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies, one of which is, never or rarely showing remorse.

Sense of Humor Deficiency- Is your spiritual leader able to laugh at theirself? At their mistakes? A sense of humor has long been considered a necessary ingredient for a stable mental health recipe. In excess it may become an unhealthy coping mechanism for depression. When used in balance and in moderation a sense of humor is an excellent tool for rolling with the punches. Lack thereof is a potential red flag.

A fat bird never sings but a skinny bird always sings - When someone is lacking inside theirself they "sing..." another words they do a lot of boasting, chest thumping, flexing, and a lot of talking... more talking than doing. Let results and physical reality do the singing.

What you eat does not make me shit - When a House or leader fixates and throws shit on other peoples business, other Houses, other traditions, or other workers this is a red flag that their own business has fallen out of priority in favor of others. Remember, your business often falls in the hands of your spiritual father or mother. The houses business is often intertwined with yours so if the leader does not make their business a priority due to fixating on others... neither will they make your business a priority.

Witchcraft begets witchcraft - This is not about ethics this is about awareness and being personally powerful enough to know what world you are creating for yourself with WHO and WHAT you surround yourself with... "If they do it with you they will do it to you." Period. End of story. I don't care what wrong the person believes they were dealt, what witchcraft blows are being thrown. Wrong-doing reveals a persons true maturity and fortitude. And if they will do it with you "justified" today, expect them to do it to you unjustified tomorrow. All it takes is the right circumstance, pressure, lie, temptation or misunderstanding. Look at how your potential House and godparent handles enemies, offense, slights and be sure you're aligned and okay with both participating in that merry go round as well as the target easily becoming you.

What is healthy? "Never curse what you have loved or blessed," (-Jean Kent)

When dealing with love or someone close who commits an injustice to you... the House or Godparents should know how to handle an attack from an ex loved one, client or friend WITHOUT becoming what is hated, what is the same as the enemy, without opening the door to a slippery slope of witchcraft begetting witchcraft. When you do curse something that was ever blessed or loved this action sends a strong message to ones spirits and subconscious. That message says, "this is okay." Then the doors are opened for hurting, injuring, lashing out at anyone or everyone close and loved, more and more. This births witches who were previously healthy, or causes old witches gone clean to relapse. Don't do it. Don't trust anyone who does. Don't open that door. Even a dog doesn't hurt or abandon it's puppies. A witch will eat their parents, best friends, and own children. This leads into...

Macheveillian Methods-

"So and so pissed me off. So and so disrespected me/The House/The Spirits. I'm going to kill them/kill their dog/kill their friends/family."

This is common. It may be considered a stigma to attack another Mambo or Ougan, or another House. The witch may consider their target savvy enough to handle spirit attacks... so what do they do? Attack everyone -around- the target; attack the people who don't know shit from shat who don't even practice anything. Complete disregard for the innocence of those people. Better yet, this is how you really cause the target pain... hurt what he or she loves. Do not ignore this. As a friend told me, "If you're gonna run with wolves you better learn to howl." Learn how to protect outsiders. If you're gonna be stupid and run with wolves, do the stupid thing the smartest way. Reverse engineer that vile shit and put it in your magical bag.

Inconsistencies- Actions should be consistent with words. If you find a pattern of behaviors inconsistent , typically in the form of double standards, there is probably much more where that came from and you must pay more attention and tread carefully or they may eat you. That next "peace and harmony ritual" could actually be a feast on your head with parsley ritual.

Double Standards- People who are extra witchy and narcissistic are hot on respect. They insist on getting it from everyone but rarely show it to you or anyone. Often it goes "I can do this because" but others cannot. A witch generally crucifies others for the same things they have done or are doing. Did witchy-poo just have an epiphany about a mistake they'd been making for years? Expect a sharp tongue and finger to pop out on a newly erected pedestal at everyone else still making that mistake shortly!


Dangling Carrot- Promises made with no intention to keep. They'll either claim they never promised it, or keep putting it off until it's forgotten, or if others don't "behave" the way they demand they'll take back the promise as "punishment."

The Vulnerable Witch- Makes theirself a victim in a problem they created... Lashes out in "justified" anger. The anger is used to control. "You did me wrong" or "you did the spirits wrong" so {insert lack of anger management/patronizing horse shit}, and "to FIX IT you will do x, y, z nonsense or I'ma be even more big mad! The spirits are gonna be more big mad!" Give the witch a cape so he/she can be Super Mad while kicking rocks! Don't fall for this bitchfit berating angry appeal to emotion.

Blame Shifting- Everything is something elses fault. Accountability is fire and shame is the pyre. A witch sees a mistake, a bad judgment, bad choice, a poor outcome or anything remotely putting them at fault like the burning times on repeat. And damn do witches point a finger back at the people they were eating and swallow the gunpowder. The witch is the loudest persecutor of witches till the end. What better way to create confusion than while stealing someone elses food to scream that they are stealing your food? People, witchcraft, mercury in the microwave, spirits, diarrea, trauma and betsy and buddha will ALL be to blame when he or she should be taking ownership of their own mistake. Ougan or Mambo is not God, is not perfect, and should gracefully accept imperfection in theirself and others. Trauma is a reason, not an excuse for never-ending bad behavior. It's a sign of maturity to do the inner work and outer work for trauma, and a spiritual leader should be mature... not always shifting blame because of insecurity or unfinished inner work.

Banshee Witch- That bish screams when told "no"... You learn a lot about a person when they do not get what they want. Pay attention. Pay attention to when they are denied. "The only people who get upset about boundary setting are people who were benefiting from you having none"

(-unknown). People who think about others instead of always fixating on theirself know that communicating boundaries is a sign of someone wishing to keep the other, not push away.

Miss Cruella - "Power is not controlling other people. Power is controlling oneself. Trying to forcefully aggressively control other people is the first sign that a leader is out of control. "Controlling others is what weak people think power looks like" (-Kalen Dion) A good leader works, doesn't just delegate and watch. A good leader doesn't have to demand respect. The respect is reciprocated naturally.

Empowering or creating Dependency - Which one are you feeling? Are you growing or depleting? A spiritual leader, teacher, and even our everyday peers should celebrate each others success and empower one another. These are personal power traditions, and personal power should grow by being part of a community or House. Otherwise someone may be eating you... Standing on your shoulders to only increase their own power... Eating from you.

"You're very hard to control when you're healthy. You're very hard to manipulate when you're clear. You're very hard to influence when you're soveriegn."

What does empowerment versus dependance look like?

Grounds vs Rushes

Leads vs Pushes

Guides vs Demands

Reassures vs Threatens

Enlightens vs Confuses

Encourages vs Berates

Comforts vs Worries

Stabilizes vs Obsesses

Protects vs Punishes

"A leader sets an example; a {witch} makes an example out of people. Leaders make sure the rules apply to them too. They follow them, work them out, and make revisions as needed. They model the behavior they wish to see."


Demands vs Coaching/Teaching

Relies on Authority vs Role Models Example

Issues Ultimatums vs Motivates with Enthusiasm

Uses People vs Grows People

Takes Credit vs Gives Credit

Places Blame vs Takes Ownership/Blame

Says "Go!" vs "Let's Go!"

My way is the only way vs I've got your back

Vodou ≠ BDSM- I should not have to write this but here we are. I don't care if you have a masochistic kink... Get your rocks off at a BDSM club where it's safe and appropriate. I don't care how bad you fucked up. If a spiritual or magical authority figure of any kind EVER suggests physical punishment like public shaming, whipping, hard labor railroad shit, or anything of the sort... get the fuck out of there. I don't care how big that Mambos titties are and what you'd let her do to you at the BDSM club! I don't care how hot you'd find it for your Ougan to choke the daddy kink out of you. This is not sexy this is unhinged abusive cult behavior. This is not Game of Thrones. If you are in a bad situation and scared because your godparent will "curse" you or you'll be "breaking oaths," please reach out to someone for help before you have to jump out a window and be rescued naked from the bushes you hid in. That costs extra.

If you can think of any other primary qualities of narcissism or other mental health disorders that commonly show up in spirit traditions please leave a comment.

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