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Spiritual Work: Love

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Love work is one of the trickiest, most mishandled, haphazardly grabbed at works. It can heal damaged relationships with genuine bandages, tie someone into a human pleasure box, or remove a homewrecker through tying the offender to their own partner in their own home or elswhere. Moving forward I have decided that by and large I will only be make love work for healing purposes where there is some organic desire already existing in an existing relationship, preferably a marriage or long term relationship. As the meme goes, "Never start a marriage with a kidnapping." How often are feelings of love and lust fleeting? How often do we think we want something and then once we have it realize it's not as great as what we thought? We jump guns while in our feelings, not taking time to logically examine the desire and if the reality of the person matches the narrative in our minds. This is the problem with mixing emotional reasoning with magic... intentions come and go like the wind because that is the nature of emotion! When working magic, manifestation comes from a solid, sincere, one pointed focus of intention that is worked into shape like a chunk of metal in a forge. If one bounces all over that metal instead of setting one intention to shape one part at a time, it will never form into a blade or whatever it's gonna be. Floundering being wishy-washy or changing ones mind may also offend the Loa that was doing the love work, and that Loa may not work again in another situation where he or she is truly needed. Why when the last time he or she worked, it was dropped mid way? Furthermore, love work is tricky because it manipulates peoples minds and hearts. Too much fire and that passion tips the scale into obsession or violence. Too much speed and those urges you're inducing tip into confusion. A desire for instant gratification destroys love work and makes it volatile. And no matter what anyone tells you, love work on a person without their own self-originating desire may create lust, but will not create authentic love. Most love work cases are truly lust work. The client who's working that person still must plant that seed, nurture it, and do their part to cultivate authentic love in the person they wish to be with. The lust simply gives opportunity for that door to open. That is not an issue with an existing relationship. Finally, treat people how you want to be treated, especially true love interests. If you practice or hire love work for making human pleasure boxes to run through like used toilet paper, be sure you are also content with being used the same way. The spirit world is a mirror and like attracts like... 98% of the time. No judgement. Please just be real with yourselves and honest with yourselves. Know what you're creating. Vodou is not meant to create servitudes ❤

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