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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

-I am not going to try to make anyone a believer or convert anyone. Working time is not the place for beliefs dissections, proselytizing, or managing semantics.

"We don't believe in changing someone's path in Life; this is messing with that person's Life-Balance. If you're comfortable where you are, stay there. That's what's good for you and nature. Forcing someone or a group of people to change their spiritual path is a big crime against Life and the Harmony of the Universe."

-from the book Ti Limye' Sou Vodou written by a team of Ougans and Manbos in Haiti 2013. Thanks to english translation by Nickson Sylvestre

I work with both hands but lean heavily to the spiritual and religious side.

- There are no refunds. Unopened items may be exchanged for other items of equal values. I am very selective about wonga and spirit work, and it has a guarantee that all of my time and energy will be devoted to acquiring results, but I cannot guarantee the results. Magic is a practice, not an exact science. If you see a doctor (s)he does not guarantee a cure, only treatment. If you see a lawyer (s)he only guarantees that (s)he will work your case, not that (s)he will win. The same is true with magic and working with spirits. Anyone that guarantees results (magicians, lawyers, doctors, stock traders etc!) is doing so because the person is only after your money! It is a thing that simply cannot be guaranteed when the individual is honest and/or not suffering a god complex. There are just too many variables. The divination is like a weather prediction, a trajectory of a shot, and while is critical for magical decision making, is not 100% We should strive for at least 80%. We are working with nature through the Lwa after all. Variables also include the actions and decisions of the client and Lwa as time progresses. We must all strive to work in tandem, alongside each other, with the Lwa and the goals, in ritual, in mind and in actions. The less resistance we create the better the Lwa are able to work.

-It is my goal to always do the highest quality work possible, spirits and God willing. Priests, priestesses, Ougans, and Mambos are not God. There is always a consultation required; a variety of checks and balances with the Lwa before any spirit work is undertaken. If for whatever reason this indicates I am not able to do the work I will do my best to refer to someone who is able, whether that is a spiritual worker friend, other professional outside the vodou world, or even an ex-godfather. Regardless of my personal feelings I will do my best to refer to who fits the desired work. If the consultation shows that the Lwa are not willing or wanting to do a particular work I will be honest about that as well. There is an increased chance you will get that same response from others, but everyone works closely with different Lwa, and there will be one out there eager to do the work for the right exchange.

-I retain a right to refuse any service any time. I will not as example do work to break up a marriage, cause harm to children or unborn, engage in petty harm, do work to protect a sex trafficking business or illegal escort service, etc. I do not pretend to know the details of everyone's situation and do not judge. I will work with both hands, but I will only turn to very hot or intranquil spirits to assist with --> protection, when divination deems it necessary. I am not interested in any spirit work that in any way leads to a sense of forced servitude of another. I am interested in personal growth, spiritual growth, healing, protection, and career development, etc.

-Payment for readings and items must kindly be paid in advance. We all have to eat and cannot work for free. If you are in hard times please be honest and talk about it in advance so we can see if something may be worked out. We should appreciate work or time gifted as a gift for what it is, and never expect free labor. Pursuing free labor has been an evil of the world since the beginning of time. I have become disgusted with the modern worlds obsession with money and consumerism, and decided to never try to live solely from vodou. I wish to always work to provide my own income, and when I facilitate spirit work, it be for the spirits and the work itself, not for money or accolades. Therefore I am adjusting some prices on some items, and other services. Spiritual readings for instance will be at an hourly minimum plus donation or tips as the client is able or wishing.

- If I take a case, you may be given some Hunny-Do homework which may include small ceremonies or other reasonable actions to help facilitate the work. Spirits work best when you meet them half way. There's a reason everyone says the Lwa "walk with us..." Notice it is with us and not for us. Ha. If you are given instructions you must follow them and do the hunny do list! Failing to do so could put results at risk.

-Magic is a practice, not an exact art. Specific time frames cannot be given, however there are typically probabilities and estimates regarding results.

-If you choose to work with me I expect you to be honest and forthcoming about all the details of your situation. If you are anything less than completely honest with me this can affect results and there are no refunds.

- If you choose to work with me I expect you to only work with me... for the specific issue we are working on at least. Other workers may interfere and/or compromise the work unless we are communicating and working in tandem (side by side). If you hire other workers without mention to either of us and I find out I will drop your case and there will be no refund. This is a simple concept of "too many cooks in the kitchen" or "too many hands on the steering wheel." This does not imply that others are not competent. This does not mean I will not work with others ever. It means there must be communication. If someone came to me wanting to add me to a spirit work already being handled by another worker I'd say the same thing. No! Unless the other worker requests for me to work in tandem with them. Too many hands in the pot ruins the food. Especially with bad communication. Don't do that.

If you have any questions please contact me.


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