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Balance: Emotion

Heads ruled by emotion are maniacal, volatile, and unpredictable. Heads ruled by critical thought are cold and psychopathic. One head cracks from depth, like emotional oceanic pressure, and the other hardens till it cracks like ice. We must always work towards balance. There's an observable irony in that the heavier the head with emotion, the less seriously the person considers emotion. That's how it begins. Emotion like their rag doll. Then the person becomes less and less objectively self-aware, if they ever could be in the first place. The less serious and unbiased consideration one gives their own emotions, the less serious they consider others in turn, like a mirror. In the end behavior is systematic this way in all ways and I will not stop repeating this in new ways. Emotion becomes unbridled, carelessly diminished to a tool, under the guise of feeling it deeper. If emotion were personified this would be its self immolation. Emotion becomes a universal illusiory medium; to manipulate, to attack, to reason, to judge, to measure, and interact. This slippery subjective unpredictable unknowable shit called emotion becomes the fabric of ones entire reality when it rules the head. If there is truly a way to vilify the illusion of Maya and the way it binds to the Earth, this is it's expression; the attachment villian of eastern mysticism. Emotion ruling the head is just as dangerous to mental health as is being void of it, but for some reason emotion is coddled because it manifests as fragile, pretty, because it is ignorant of logic therefore innocent. This is a fatal mistake. Extreme emotional bodies manifest as warm, safe, fascinating, beautiful, deep, innocent, and then drowns what it loves. It loves so deep, and desires to be together forever. This way this wish comes true, at the bottom of the ocean of emotion... How deeply moving and intensely eternal... Always crushing the ones loved most. Two rotting corpses intertwined, one a maniac one a hostage, getting picked away by fish. Beneath the beautiful emotions that brought them there the vanity mirror breaks.

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