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     Thank you for visiting. I am a Haitian Vodou initiate and this site is devoted to my love and appreciation for the Haitian Vodou Lwas. The website and shop here is dedicated to personal wonga, art, and blogging. The etsy shop is my virtual garage and has a wide variety of random items for sale.  I am also featuring artists from New Vision Art School in Haiti on Etsy. There are unfortunately many scammers in Haiti who take advantage of fundraisers and charities, just like everywhere else in the world. Some claim to be using proceeds from local children's art to give back to the children and community, while instead they take an excess for their selves and buy their selves fancy things. The children may not even realize they are being exploited, because they are so happy to get any little thing.
     New Vision Art School has been functioning since 2016, taught by Lesly Pierre Paul. He left Haiti to study art as a child. Lesly is very talented and successful with much art featured in galleries around the world, and he returned to Haiti to help his community in Port-Au-Prince. He teaches his contemporary Haitian Folk art style to locals, hosting art workshops each weekend and providing food and drinks when able to. He has raised enough funds to take the locals traveling to show their art at embassies, in neighboring countries and even once to the U.S. Anyone is able to see the art evolve and the students grow up with Lesly since 2016. It is very difficult to make money in Haiti, as well as work with banks and websites because of the way their internet access and systems are designed over there. This is why I am assisting by featuring their work in my Etsy store where buyers can feel confident their transaction is safe, then assist the school with associated fees and transfers. I am in contact with Lesly and the artists almost every day, and through Etsy others who wish to support this charitable endeavor can feel confident that this group has been vetted and the money is not being abused. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to support and help a wonderful group of people in Haiti who also love Vodou. Check out their art work, take advantage of Klarna, or send your favorite artist a few bucks for art supplies or other necessities. The etsy shop link sometimes does not load on mobile phones so please click here --->
     Please check out my blog above for more background and policies.

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